Office Clerk

Brief Definition of the Position

As described in this document, the office clerk is in charge of taking care of general administrative tasks.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide Level 1 Technical Support

  • Provide all notifications and documentation requested by the company

  • Keep records of customer interactions and file documents as needed

  • Download and upload information for clients

  • Outreach communications with users and clients for helping access to our services and tools

  • Follow any other request or instruction provided by a superior

General Requirements

  • Strong communication skills

  • An understanding of business

  • Analytical and commercial experience

  • Good values and cultural fit

  • Excellent in creativity and critical thinking

  • Honest, loyal, and confidential

  • Excellent analytical skills

  • Well-organized and detail oriented

  • Fast learner

  • Excellent in teamwork

  • In control of emotions

  • Strong desire to work

  • Proficient in G Suite tools, Microsoft office tools, and any other software services used by the company

Specific Requirements

  • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures

  • Working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and fax machines

  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work

Required Education

Bachelor’s Degree  

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